Sunday, January 8, 2012

Voicethread for iPad

Last week I experimented with using the iPad to document a field trip to the Maine State House and Maine State Museum.  I took photos and video with the iPad and found it extremely easy because I could carry it under my arm.  It was almost easier than carrying a camera!  The best part was that I could also take notes on the iPad during the field trip (using the Pages app). On the bus ride home moved all of the photos into the Voicethread app and begin the process of creating a Voicethread about our field trip!  Back at school I added my narration to the photographs and then the next day I had the students add their own comments using their unique voicethread identities.  They could comment using text, audio, or video (new!).  I found the voicethread app to be extremely easy and user-friendly.  The website doesn't always feel so easy to me, so I was very pleased with the simple navigation of the app.  And, it's free!  The voicethread is not done, but when it is I will share it.  Bottom line--the iPad is fantastic for documenting field trips!

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